Age Group Swimming


Age Group Inter-counties 2015 

The annual Age Group Inter-county meet at Sheffield was as usual a hard fought event.  The event is run in two divisions with a boom between the two halves of the pool.  With twenty teams competing this can make for a significant amount of noise, even though to keep the poolside clear the teams are up in the gods waiting for their event, rather than on the pool side.

Warwickshire were swimming in Division 2.  Thanks to Adam Ruckwood the team selected was the strongest that could be assembled.  For much of the event they were secure in third place, one spot below promotion, thanks to some good swims – 1st in the women’s 12/13 4×50 Medley (Lily Wood, Charlotte Rigg, Sophie Yendell, Madeleine Hoare), Ben Stanford 2nd in the 16/17 100 freestyle, Caitlin Hubbard 2nd 14/15 100 fly, Jake Dixon 2nd 16/17 100 fly, Lily Wood 2nd 12/13 100 backstroke, Mathew Seaton 2nd 12/13 100 backstroke and Rebecca Kamau 2nd 16/17 100 breaststroke.

Third places were earned by Eden-Joy Light in the 14/15 100 breaststroke, Eva Vicary 14/15 100 freestyle,  and in the relays Men’s 16/17 4×50 Medley (Lucas Williams, Charlie Waddingham, Jake Dixon, Ben Stanford) and Women’s 4×50 14/15 Medley (Victoria Long-Eden, Joy Light, Caitlin Hubbard, Eva Vicary).

Unfortunately towards the end of the gala the team were pushed back to sixth place as swimmers tired, particularly those who were filling in for some who were unfortunately not available for various reasons.

The team was managed by Ian Carden and coached by Graham Nash who as usual had their hands full.  With several flights of stairs to the poolside, making sure everyone is in place for their race requires careful management and timing.  The team spirit was great helped by the bonding that can occur on the long coach journey to Sheffield from the pick up points in Coventry and Birmingham.

In parallel with the main event, the four West Midlands counties participate in a ‘virtual’ gala.  This is based on the times recorded by each team, because this allows for the possibility that the teams may be in different divisions as this year, where Worcestershire were in Division 1.  Based on four points for first etc, Worcestershire just piped Warwickshire to first place, thereby retaining the trophy they won last year.

Warwickshire Swimming Secretary – TBA