Warwickshire ASA – What we are about

  • To promote the teaching of and involvement in swimming for everyone
  • To promote swimming by working with the clubs in the county and involvement in Regional and National organisations
  • Run county Championships and organize the teams that take part in inter-county events
  • Further information is provided in this web site


County Pathway 2017

We congratulate all thirty-three swimmers who were selected on their performances across all strokes during the County Championships 2017. (click for full report)

John Hughes

John Hughes – Past President passed away on the 20th of November after a long illness.  He will be missed by his family and friends.  He was known for his quiet council and for the many years he was treasurer for City of Coventry SC and the Coventry & District Swimming Association as well as his work introducing and then managing the electronic timing system at Coventry.


Masters Inter-County 2016

The Masters team competed on the 12th of November at the midlands round of the annual inter-county competition.  Coming first as is now usual in the midlands event, their times were aggregated with that of other events to reveal that the top four teams were:

Hampshire          1524 points

Yorkshire            1500 points

Warwickshire  1456 points

Middlesex          1446 points

The event gets harder each year to maintain a place at or near the top.  As evidence of this, ten years ago in the ladies 65+ butterfly Warwickshire were likely to be the only team fielding a swimmer in the midlands.  This year most of the teams had competitors.  None the less the teams record is impressive, never out of the top three for over a decade.  The results are a testimony to team captain Trevor Clark’s efforts in selecting and leading the team and to the team in putting in a maximum effort year after year.

ewimmer of the Year 2016

Ellie Simmons was announced as Swimmer of the Year 2016 at the 2017 Age Group Championships, this is the second time she has won the award.

Volunteer of the Year

Richard Brough was presented with the Volunteer of the Year 2017 award on the 12th of February at the Age Group Championships.